Running experiment on external monitor


I would like to run my experiment on my external monitor, which is connected to my laptop screen. By default the experiment runs on my laptop screen, and I cannot find any setting to change this configuration. I looked in the “Monitor Center” settings, but there is no option to detect a monitor, only add/change parameters for a new one. Could someone please advise?

I am using PsychoPy v2023.2.3.

Thank you.

I figured this out; change the screen parameter in the visual.Window() command (in my case, from 0 to 1):

win = visual.Window(
size=[1280, 720], fullscr=True, screen=1,
winType=‘pyglet’, allowGUI=False, allowStencil=False,
color=[0,0,0], colorSpace=‘rgb’,
blendMode=‘avg’, useFBO=True,

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