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Video on PsycoPy playing audio not visual


I’m having a problem trying to get my video to play. I used it in the builder in version 1.84.1. For the moviepy and abvin backend it does not work at all. For opencv, it plays the audio but no picture appears. I am using an mp4 video. But also tried to use a .mov, and .avi format. I have pasted the error messages below to add more detail. I am relatively new to PsycoPy, so would appreciate any help, as I’m at a loss of what to do.

Sorry its version 1.85.1


I am having a similar problem, but it doesn’t come up with error messages - the visual part of the movie simply doesn’t appear.

Did you figure it out?


So it sounds like this is actually quite a different problem. Please describe exactly what you are doing (ideally with a screen shot of your movie component dialog), and especially describe how you specify the units of the stimulus (e.g. pixels or norm units).

Yes, I realised that in fact the problem was the units of the stimulus. I’ve now set them to pixels and it works fine!

I have a similar problem. I am using 1.83 (easier movies) and in windows 8. My video is for 3 seconds. But it only shows it for ~.250 seconds or so and the remaining 2.75 seconds it is just blank. See screen shots. My videos are of very small file sizes (around ~ 15 kbs and are in .mp4 format.