MovieStim is running but cannot see in the screen

OS Win10
**PsychoPy version 2022.1.2

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a project where I use six videos as stimuli. I used the movie component to show the videos. While I’m running the experiment, even though the program does not give any error messages, I cannot see the videos on the screen. The videos are displaying, the screen is somehow flickering and there is weird color changing in the screen but there is no video.
I came across with a similar issue before but it was handled when I changed the version. But this time it did not help,either.
As the video format, I was using .wmv then I converted the videos to .mp4 but the problem was still there.
I will run the experiment online, as well. I have the same displaying problem in pavlovia, too.
I hope I can make myself understood, and someone has an answer for this issue.
Thank you!

That sounds like a size issue. Are you seeing a zoomed in version of the file because you have the size in pixels and your experiment is in height units?

Thank you a lot! I changed the moviestim’s Spatial units for pix instead of from exp settings and it solved the problem.

One related problem seems to be that there are no default values for the size of a MovieStim when using the Builder. An empty size field in the Builder seems to be always filled with the movie’s native resolution in pixels irrespective of the units that are set for the experiment or the stimulus (leading to, e.g., an HD movie being scaled to 1920x1080 percent). This could be easily fixed by forcing the units to px if the respective field in the Builder is empty and thus the size defaults to the native resolution.