MovieStim is running but cannot see in the screen

OS Win10
**PsychoPy version 2022.1.2

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a project where I use six videos as stimuli. I used the movie component to show the videos. While I’m running the experiment, even though the program does not give any error messages, I cannot see the videos on the screen. The videos are displaying, the screen is somehow flickering and there is weird color changing in the screen but there is no video.
I came across with a similar issue before but it was handled when I changed the version. But this time it did not help,either.
As the video format, I was using .wmv then I converted the videos to .mp4 but the problem was still there.
I will run the experiment online, as well. I have the same displaying problem in pavlovia, too.
I hope I can make myself understood, and someone has an answer for this issue.
Thank you!

That sounds like a size issue. Are you seeing a zoomed in version of the file because you have the size in pixels and your experiment is in height units?

Thank you a lot! I changed the moviestim’s Spatial units for pix instead of from exp settings and it solved the problem.