Video memory test

Hey! I am kinda new on Psychopy and i have been trying yo build an experiment on builder view revolving 2 types of videos. One group of videos are normal and the rest are tweeked in different ways (either by sound, image) and i want to ask my participants if 2 videos that just played are the same or not.

I am having trouble with creating the .xlxs file for the stimuli presentation and how the builder view will actually look? will i make a video tab for each sepperate video? or there is a way to add everyrhing in a file and randomize the effects?

Thank you.

To make my self more clear, my builder view looks something like this (5 stimuli, 2 videos in each with mask in between)

whereas my results look correct but incomplete, out of the 5 conditions only 2 conditions are exported on excel.


In addition i have the loop trials set on 1 but still the experiment will not stop looping.

No, this arrangement doesn’t look right. It would be best at this stage if you explain your experimental design fully & precisely so we can advise how to implement it.

Hey, thank you for the reply Micheal.

The design is basically simple, participants will view 2 videos and reply whether the 2 videos are identical or not. So each 2 videos i have a keyboard report screen and a mask of 500ms in between. Furthermore i have over 40 vids to use.

Thank you so much for the help. even if you have a video that can assist me it would be awsome, could not find a tutorial based on videos.

I have all of my stimuli and experiment saved in a single folder on my desktop, so basics like defining a path or set every video on reapeat (including all changes i make within a loop) is not an issue (i hope). But due to the fact i cannot find a tutorial similar to my experiment (one “correct” video and one"wrong" video and vice versa or same) i cannot figure out how my builder view design should look or how to word my stimuli on excel.

Do i make 2 diff excel files (defining $moviename for stimuli with relative paths) regards to correct/wrong videos? etc etc
On the design part, is a withing subject design where my participants will view videos on one experiment and listen to music on the other and define if the 2 stimuli were identical. So basically one reply for each set of stimuli.

Thank you.

Firstly, Apologies for the spamming of messages,

This is my lates attempt after following a tutorial on an identification task experiment (, on this try Loop will not recognise my .xlsx file as conditions.

Basically my experiment: (intro_screen) (—> Video_sample + Videosample + (response screen))x3 —> Ending

  • indicates mask screen with + sign in orie (0 .0) of the screen.

Managed to do it! And it looks like this for future references if any newcomer like me struggles with video experiments:

Thank you!