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Video experimental sequence freezes midway

I am conducting a video study and everything goes fine when i use a small amount of stimuli. Export is nice and tidy and the frame rate of the video goes smoothly. When i increase the number of my experiment to 120x conditions with 3x parameters the experiment freezes on a random video midway. This only happens on Builder view.

When i compile a script (F5) and run the experiment there everything goes fine till the last video but export is nowhere to be found (.xlxs file). I try twerking around in the [Experiment Settings] tab with the ‘Units’ options (e.g norm, pix, cm) and on my videos’ settings as well but all i get after forcefully using alt+ F4 each time is this:


All my videos are .avi format with 25 frames/second, Audio sample rate 48kHz, dimensions (720, 576), 6.09MB each. Is it possible my PC (4GB RAM, i7 processor, Graphics card: NVIDIA GT 710) just can’t handle so much information?

Thank you.

P.S: Managed to fix the .xlxs export via Script view. Experiment runs fine in Script view with no issues but on builder view still freezes a minute in the experiment.