Perception experiment with audio/video stimuli and corresponding questions

OS: Windows 10 Home
PsychoPy version: v2021.1.2

I am planning an experiment on speech perception, and I have stimulus sets consisting of video stimuli and comprehension questions. After each video stimulus there should appear a specific question that is corresponding to that specific video. There will be answer options appearing together the questions and they have predefined response keys (so it’s basically a multiple-choice task).
I created a video routine followed by a question routine and put them both in a loop. The questions are already in an excel file and inserted as “conditions” in the loop.

Eventually, the stimulus sets should appear in a random order, which can be done by the loop, but then the videos and questions won’t match. So my question is: Is there a way to link a specific video to a specific question so that they both appear together?

Setting the order of the loop to random should keep all the rows together! It’s choosing a row from your table at random and using the value of each variable at that row - it doesn’t randomise them independently so long as the question and stimulus are in the same Excel file

Ah yes, that makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Hello @leni
I am constructing a similar experiment, but only with video stimuli and no sound. I have correct answers for each video, but before receiving a feedback of correct or wrong, participants have four options to choose (like a a multiple-choice task, as you described). How did you organize your bookmarked answers? Can we talk and exchange an idea? Thank you.