Eye-tracking Tobii Pro Fusion task

Hi everyone!

I am planning on embarking on a research project with Psychopy and the eye-tracking Tobii Pro Fusion. I haven’t seen a post using this equipment so far in the forum, and I know the use of eye-tracking, as of this moment, is still on Beta phase.

With that, I want to ask if anyone out there has used this model before with Psychopy, if you’ve had any significant troubles, what were some lessons learned, etc. All info is super welcomed at this stage of the project.

Thank you very much!

I’ve used it for 4-5 experiments without any trouble. This isn’t specific to the brand of eyetracker, but don’t rely on the ROI components. They are useful for quick analyses, but you should also send messageEvents for any events you might want to examine. If you only have ROIs, your hdf5 files won’t have any events labeled. E.g,

# Begin routine
ioServer.sendMessageEvent(text=f"start_TRIAL-{trialNum_cumul}_EVENT-cue_CONDITION-{rewCond}") # start of the trial

# End Routing
ioServer.sendMessageEvent(text=f"end_TRIAL-{trialNum_cumul}_EVENT-cue_CONDITION-{rewCond}") # end of the trial
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Hi! Thank you for your input!

I have a question regarding that: Where in the platform would you set the code to send messageEvents (or do you know any platform where can I read the specific steps I should follow to achieve this)?

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In your routine you need a code component

When you select that component it has multiple tabs, and you need the code I referenced before in the Begin routine tab and the End routine tab. The documentation has additional information on code components: Code Component — PsychoPy v2023.1.1.

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