Unknown survey when trying to link from Sona


I am trying to recruit from SONA, so I need to link from SONA → Pavlovia survey → PsychoPy experimental task → Pavlovia survey → SONA. This keeps appearing every time I try to change URL and I have looked at all the discussion boards.
What can I do next?

Is this happening on the first or second survey?

What link are you using? What appears in your URL address bar when you get the error?

Hi Wakefield,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is happening when I trial the link on Sona which should being me to a Pavlovia survey, ( then to an experiment, followed by another survey on Pavlovia)


If the Sona link is failing to get to Pavlovia Surveys in the first step, please could you show what’s in the address bar above the error and what you put in Sona?