Trying to link my psychopy experiment back to pavlovia surveys with the unique participant ID

URL of experiment: olife_104 [PsychoPy]
(URL of survey: Pavlovia Survey)

Description of the problem:
I am running an experiment which takes a participant from SONA → Pavlovia surveys → psychopy task 1 → psychopy task 2 → pavlovia surveys → SONA. Throughout this, I am trying to ensure my unique participant ID from SONA is saved. Every link works apart from trying to go from psychopy task 2 back to pavlovia surveys where I get an error message as the end of the psychopy experiment saying the survey cannot be found. I tried with $“[surveylink]?participant=”+expInfo[“participant”], and have tried many other variations but cannot seem to find a solution. I would appreciate any help!

[surveylink] already contains a ?, doesn’t it?

Try $"[surveylink]&participant="+expInfo["participant"]

Thank you! I’ve finally got it working!

I am familiar with how to capture URL parameters in psychopy and how to pass them on. But how does this work in the new pavlovia survey? Do you add code in the JSON editor? If yes, could you maybe share what code you are using to capture URL parameters (when going from psychopy task to pavlovia survey) and how to send a URL parameter (when going from pavlovia survey to psychopy task)

Have you looked at this thread?