Pavlovia link is missing html

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Description of the problem:
Hi! I’m planning to link this to Qualtrics and then to Sona. I have found the guide which shows how to do this but it says that the pavlovia link has to end with html. I can’t get my URL to end with html and I’m not sure what the issue is. I have exported my experiment on psychopy to html and I’ve changed the status multiple times from inactive to running and back but nothing seems to work. I would appreciate any help on this!

Pavlovia runtime URLs no longer include html by default.

This is to reduce the need to have two copies of every resource.

Ahh ok that makes sense thank you. Do I add that manually or will the URL work with Qualtrics and Sona without the html? This is the guide I’m following: Sona -> Qualtrics -> Pavlovia -> back - Google Docs

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I’ve edited the document to say (note: make sure you are using the recruitment URL ― if the Url is blank, set the experiment to inactive and then active again) instead.