"unknown resource" condition with fresh sync

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Description of the problem: I’m having an unknown resource error for my condition file. Following past posts I copied just my psyexp and resources (condition file and image stimuli) to a new folder and clicked on Sync to start a new project. I don’t have any resources listed in Additional Resources. The conditions.xlsx is still copied to html/resources - not sure if this is the desired behavior. Despite following those recommendations I’m still getting the resource error. I apologize if I’m simply missing something from the previous posts.

I’m using 2022.1.2 because I want to be able to use a large set of images (~1000 at this point but may use more) so I need to take advantage of the new features to allow on-demand resource loading during static ISI.

Thanks for any advice.

I think you missing the bit about having Experiment Settings / Online / Output path blank.

Please read this page for information about resources in 2022.


That did the trick with the conditions file. But I did have to add a figure in the instructions to Additional Resources for it to not cause the additional resources error.

I’m having a different issue with all the images loading during the first trial with the static ISI instead of just the current image. Since this is a separate issue I will start a new thread and mark this as closed.