Unknown resource error loading condition file

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Description of the problem:
I keep getting the following error message when I try to run the experiment online:

The idea is to specify different condition files according to the participant number, hence the conditions file is specified as a variable in a code component at the beginning of the experiment as

practiceConditionsFile = 'resources/practiceConMat' + str(int(expInfo['participant']) % 4) + '.csv'

This is then implemented as the conditions file in the corresponding loop. The task works locally on Psychopy.

Attempted so far

  1. Changed the paths in the code to just
    practiceConditionsFile = 'practiceConMat' + str(int(expInfo['participant']) % 4) + '.csv'
  2. Changed the location of the contents of the resources folder to the master folder and the html folder.
  3. Deleted the experiment on Pavlovia, copied the files to a new directory locally and pushed everything to a brand new experiment on Pavlovia.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated!

You need to add resources in Experiment Settings / Online

Thank you for the quick reply! I had added them already, is this not correct?

Screenshot (205)


Two thoughts

  1. Try Excel files instead of CSV

  2. Try calling them without the folder name.

Are you seeing them getting downloaded as the experiment starts (you can check in the console if you aren’t sure).

Will do, thanks! By calling them without folder name, would that be in the code (I tried that already), in the experiment settings or both?

This is the output in the developer console, is that what you were referring to? I don’t really see any additional information here, what am I missing?

Thank you, it seems like the error message is gone after using .xlsx files.

Unfortunately this still leaves all the other errors to deal with, but that should probably be a new topic!