Unknown recourse error on Pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I designed an experiment that involves presenting human faces following some memory instructions.
I intended to use 4 counterbalance groups (e.g., V1_study). To randomly assign participant into one of those four counterbalance groups, I used the following code to fetch the corresponding excel files:

In the study_trials loop, I called the condition $studyfile, which is determined by the code based on participants’ ID.

After I synced and pilot the experiment on Pavlovia, this error message showed up:

I’ve read several topics posted by who encountered a similar problem. Would anyone please offer some suggestions or solutions?

Thanks in advance!

As yet it’s not yet possible to load in different condition files programmatically, but there is another way, based on selecting different rows from one excel file. See this thread for an example: Searching for a file in the working directory

Thank you for your reply! I will try the method in the thread you included.

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