Importing condition error

URL of experiment: Pavlovia
Dino / Religious Music and Cognition · GitLab

Description of the problem:

A participant has gotten the following error:

when getting the value of resource:
unknown resource

I have no counterbalance file named that, they are counterbalance 1-9. I have had similar threads where my files are being named different things and hence aren’t being “found” during the experiment as resources.

Why are these things being changed? I need help asap as I am losing many participants from these errors

NaN means Not a Number,

Please show the code where you set the counterbalance file name.

I have the conditions set to this in the outer loop controlling the music order:


I have counterbalance files 0-9

Instead of putting this in the loop definition, add the following to a Begin Experiment code tab:

counterbalance = 'counterbalance'+str(int(expInfo['participant'])%10)+'.xlsx'

Then put $counterbalance in the loop