Unable to Screen Sharing while Using PsychPy


I need to be able to share my psychopy screen while video conferencing for remotely running an experiment (I know about Pavlovia but am unable to use it due to ethical constraints). I worked fine using Zoom on my Mac but I recently had to switch to a Dell and suddenly the other person on the call cannot see the screen. I have tried on Google Hang as well with the same issue. Has anyone run into this problem and found a solution (i.e. a setting on psychopy or the computer or a different video chat)? Below is info on the computer.
Dell 10 Enterprise
Version 1809
OS build 17763.1457
Windows 10

Any advise would be greatly apricated!

Well, works for me alas that doesn’t help you. Selecting the wrong screen on the PC? I can’t replicate the problem here.

Thank you for helping me with this! I have been telling it to share full screen which worked on my Mac. I also tried setting it to share just the psychopy screen but when I launched the program, Zoom gave a big warning popup about needing to go back to the shared section of the screen and participant still couldn’t see anything. It is really very weird because it seems to work on some computers and not others…

That is really weird. Newest version installed? I guess you tried that.

Cheers Jens

In case this might help anyone, I was having a similar problem and my solution was to go to the Settings(gear icon)>Screen and remove the checkbox saying full screen.