Sharing audio over screenshare over Zoom when headphones are plugged in

Hello! I am currently attempting to run a PsychoPy experiment built in PyHab on my local computer, and share my screen and audio with the participant on the other end of a Zoom call. Ideally, the participant hears my computer audio through screenshare, and I would be blinded to the experimental conditions by muting myself on Zoom and removing plugged-in headphones from my ears. But the participant no longer hears my audio over screenshare either when my headphones are plugged into my computer or when I mute myself on Zoom. I am using PsychoPy(v.2022.1.3) and macOS Big Sur (Version 11.6) If anyone has suggestions for why this sound sharing setup would not be working, I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

This a Zoom support request rather than a PsychoPy one. But if you simply turn down your own computer’s volume to zero, that should not affect the volume of the screen share to the participant - it should only affect you. Similarly, muting the call should only stop them hearing your environmental sounds (such as your voice), not the volume of your screen share. That suggests that you might need to explicitly check that you are indeed sharing the correct audio. e.g.

Hi Michael, thank you so much for your reply and feedback. I have tried everything you suggested with regards to my computer and zoom audio settings but unfortunately no luck. But I agree with you that my audio sharing problems could ultimately be an issue with Zoom rather than PsychoPy. Thank you!