Unable to save data to file: No such file or directory

URL of experiment: SART [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem:

Hello everyone,

I created an experiment by PsychoPy3 and launched it on Pavlovia. Some friends tried the task and two of them got an error message (the photo) at the end of the task. Furthermore, the site did not save the data of these two people. Could someone tell me what happened?

Hey Darth,

Happy new year :). I think the issue has to do with the slashes (/) in the participant IDs. Pavlovia is trying to store the data in a subdirectory //G05/01/etc. etc., but that directory doesn’t exist, so it gets confused. Here are two workarounds:

  1. No slashes in participant IDs
  2. Store data in a database instead of in files. You can set this up in your dashboard.

Best, Thomas

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Thanks a lot!!! I didn’t expect the slashes to cause problems. Happy new year and really thanks for the answer, you saved me a lot of trouble.

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