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Error when uploading participant's results

Description of the problem:


I have encountered an error (screenshot attached below) upon completion of an experiment session when uploading participant data to Pavlovia. The experiment was built on Psychopy 2020.2 and run using Google Chrome. Although I had the session set to store incomplete data, this session was not saved, and yet, one Pavlovia credit was still consumed. The experiment uses .wav audio files, and upon completion of the stimulus, participants are prompted to respond with two key press choices, left or right key. The response data, left or right key press corresponding to a particular audio file and correct answer should be the only collected data.

I’m not exactly sure how to approach fixing this, and any and all help would be much appreciated! Is it possible that the participant name contained an unaccepted character, “/” or “_” causing the upload to fail?

Please see below the error as prompted by Pavlovia upon completion of the experiment session.

Thank you!


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Hey! Just wanted to say I spotted your issue. I’m asking around a bit to find out what went wrong exactly.

Hi Thomas, thank you! I believe it may be due to the way the participant name included a forward slash. Removing the forward slash allowed the experiment data to be saved properly for now…

Hello @Jiaan,

I must say that you are really pushing the limits of what one can do with a filename :slight_smile:
You are correct that the issue had to do with a forward slash.
I have a fix for it, which I will be testing this afternoon on the development server. I should be able to push it onto by tomorrow.
It does not seem to me, however, that a credit was consumed on this occasion. A credit was reserved but eventually released. Isn’t that what you observed on your end?
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