Unable to Pilot Study on Pavlovia

URL of experiment: https://gitlab.pavlovia.org/akarnick/karnickexperiment

Description of the problem:

Hi all! I am working on getting a study up on Pavlovia and I would like to start recruiting participants soon but I’m running into some difficulty getting my experiment running. After some difficulty getting the files pushed into gitlab I think the files have been uploaded to the experiment url above. However, when I change the status of the experiment to piloting and try to run the study, it just says “initializing” and the study never starts in the web browser. I am able to make the study work fine from my computer so I am not sure where the errors are occurring. Would anyone be able to help me figure out where I’m going wrong?

I thank you very much for your help regarding this. I must say I have really enjoyed putting my study together with the PsychoPy builder and am looking forward to running participants with Pavlovia!