"Unable to download resource error", but image is in an old condition file


when I try to run my experiment online, I get this error:

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 14.15.44

This image, however, is not in the current condition file, but in an old one. I double checked the code on GitLab and it is correct. The experiment works well locally and in my browser when I run it in Incognito Mode. Presumably, Pavlovia is accessing some cached information. How can one avoid this automatically?


I sometimes get this issue.

If might be sufficient to reattach the conditions file, but a quick and dirty option is to change the name of the conditions file and attach that. That will stop the old cached version being used.

If it’s fine in incognito mode then your participants will also be fine, because they won’t have a cached version of the spreadsheet.

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