Pavlovia unable to download resource


I have an experiment that has ~75 image resources. Some computers I work on pilot/run the experiment with no problems. Other times I get an error that says unable to download an image resource.

I’ve found a few work-arounds but I’m wondering if anyone can help me get to the root of the problem.

I have the issue on my laptop using google chrome, but not if I use “incognito window”.

One participant was unable to run the experiment using Safari or Safari private browser, but it worked on google chrome.

So far it has not been a major problem since all of my participants have ultimately been able to run the experiment using some form of google chrome. Is my experiment not compatible with other browsers? I’m new to online studies so maybe I missed a step while creating the experiment in pavlovia?

This reminds me of an issue reported a while ago. Perhaps it’s because of the format in which the images are encoded?