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Trying to connect to Eyelink 1000

OS (Win10)
PsychoPy version (3.0.3):
**Standard Standalone? yes

I´m having trouble trying to connect my experiment to an Eyelink device through ioHub. I followed the instructions provided in the book, and added a tracker_setup routine, so I think the problem is probably in my iohub configuration file, which I copied from github repository (default_eyetracker.yaml) and added at the beginning the information about monitor_devices:
# monitor_devices:
- Display:
name: display
reporting_unit_type: pix
device_number: 0
width: 590
height: 340
unit_type: mm
surface_center: 500
unit_type: mm
psychopy_monitor_name: MyMonitor
- Experiment:
name: Switch_Day1

I removed any line about the mouse or the keyboard since I prefer to use the builder keyboard component. But when I tried to run the program I keep getting this error:

And after a few days of searching, still I couldn´t figure out the problem, so any help would be hughly appreciated. Thanks in advance.