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The format of participants imput

We are setting up an Serial position effect experiment using the Builder mode(Psychopy Ver. 1.82.01. We want to get participant’s answe according to the order they mamorizer by the key imput. But, we can’t figure out the way of it.
We want to present the imput format with serial numbers in answering phase(cf. image file), and to output the data whether their answer match the stimuli presented before the answering phase.

I’m new to Psychopy and apologize for the basic quwstion, but would certainly appreciate your help. If anything is unclear or more information is needed, let me know and I will be happy to add more.


Sorry, I forgot uploading the image.

Hi Takahiro, it’s certainly not too basic a question. But you need to give us much more detail for us to able to answer it. e.g. think the level of detail you would need to provide in a thesis or paper Methods section.

i.e. what exactly does the subject see, what are they required to so, and how is it assessed?

Hi, Michael

Thank you for your kindness, and sorry for lacking the detail.
Our participants see the serial alphabets succssessibely and they have to remenber them.
After that, short masking is presented, and then they have to recall the alphabet according to the order they saw.

It would grateful if you give some advise.