PyschoPy Reformatting Data Output

Hello! I recently made an experiment on PsychoPy, and I’ve had some issues with the data output CSV file. Since PsychoPy makes a new row for each trial and my experiment is fairly simple, there are a lot of boxes that remain empty. I was wondering if there is a way for me to change the data output format so that all of the column data are displayed in one row.

Additionally, when the participant presses a certain key to answer the multiple-choice questions, the data for the key that they pressed is saved with brackets and a single quotation (for example: [‘5’]). I was wondering if there is a way to remove the extra brackets and single quotations so that there is only the key in each of the data output boxes in excel. Thank you.

Example file: 105_UCI SBSODS_2021_Apr_21_1653.csv (3.3 KB)

  1. You can reduce the number of rows by unticking is trials in any extra loops you might have added and unticking save onset and offset times for your components. Also set non essential keyboard responses to storing nothing.

  2. Store first key instead of all keys in your essential keyboard components

Thank you so much! I also had some additional questions regarding the data output. For my specific experiment, the on set and offset times are necessary, but in the data output only the onset time is saved but the offset time always appears as “None”. In the builder, the option to save both the onset and the offset time has been activated, so I was wondering if you know how to resolve the issue. In addition, on the last column of the data output, the experiment is saving the frame rate, and i was wondering if there is any option to turn that off. Thanks again!

I think that offset times appear as None when the component ends at the end of the routine.

There isn’t an easy way to turn off the framerate column.

Thanks! So if my trials have no specific end period since I want the participants to have as much time as needed on each trial, would I not be able to record when they leave each trial?

How do they leave the trial? If it’s a keyboard press then you should have the reaction time for that.

Yup, they leave each trial through either a keyboard press or a mouse click yet their reaction time never saves. Is there another option that I need to activate for the reaction time?

Please could you show your keyboard component? Are you asking it to save nothing?

Hi there,

can you tell how can I store the onset and end time of a code component in one routine?

You could start a clock in Begin Experiment (myClock = core.Clock()) and then save the value in Begin and End Routine.