Synchronisation problems

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I have had issues with synchronising between Builder and Pavlovia. It often says that there is no project and asks me to re-create one, yet there is one on Pavlovia.
At other times then, updates do not push.

same problem !

Hello @Marina_Chrisi
Have you had any response to this? It keeps happening that a project I update says it cannot find its record on Pavlovia and I end up with gazillions of copies of the same project on the server :frowning:

Not exactly a solution but the workaround I’ve been using is to re-create the “new” project with the same exact name and local project folder.

Also write something in the summary and description when syncing! Sometimes I find it says the sync has happened successfully but I still don’t see changes reflected on git. If I’m only syncing one or two files, I just do it directly from git by replacing the file (not great but it gets it done).

no, what I did was to delete all html files locally, all the hidden folders “.git” ,clear my browser and then upload it again. It worked but I’m not sure if it is a solution for you as well.

You can also try to change the experiment name locally, delete the old one from pavlovia and do the above steps as well. then you will upload the newest version