PsychoPy3 Pavlovia sync issue

Hello everyone!

I got some problems with my experiment.
I created an experiment online and it run cool until a certain point. Pavlovia sees that my last update happened on the 22nd of February (I synced it at least 10 times since that, even today) and just doesn’t want to see any further updates.

  • Synchronization is successful (I don’t get “the file doesn’t belong to an existing project” message, and it is connected to the correct Pavlovia project - I check it every time before syncing)
  • GitLab sees my updates the moment I do them (I even peaked in the uploaded .js file and it is my current version)
  • Chrome cache is also turned off

I just don’t see, why Pavlovia can not handle it.
If someone has seen something like this, please share your experiences, because I am out of ideas.


Sometimes we’ve seen things where a merge conflict occurs (git trying to pull a change to something that has changed and not knowing what to do). Have you tried setting the project to INACTIVE and then back to RUNNING?