Custom file name in offline experiment

I’m running PsychoPy 2022.2.4 on Win10 (anaconda). I cannot easily update Psychopy last time I tried it messed up the way images are shown in the experiment.

I’d like to change the filenames of the data saved for my experiments.

However, in most of my experiments, changing the file name in the Builder experimenter settings (under “data”) does not affect where the actual data is being saved. This has previously been reported for online experiments, but this is normal offline use. For debugging, I simplified the file name to:
u'testfilename_' + expInfo['date']

Independent of whatever I put in that field, in the resulting Python script the respective line always reads:

# Data file name stem = absolute path + name; later add .psyexp, .csv, .log, etc
filename = _thisDir + os.sep + 'data' + os.path.sep + expInfo['date']

(The ‘data’ subfolder there comes from the application preferences.)

What I tried to so far

I created a tiny test experiment that only shows a single screen and closes. This is the only one of my experiments in which the data is saved according to the filename field in the experiment settings. For this experiment the respective file in python is:

# Data file name stem = absolute path + name; later add .psyexp, .csv, .log, etc
filename = _thisDir + os.sep + u'testfilename_' + expInfo['date']

A weird obervation I made when comparing the two experiments is in the experiment where the saving does not work, there is an additional field in the ‘data’ tab of the experiment settings to define the path of the saved data, which is not there in the test experiment. Anyways, providing a folder there lets me change the folder but not the filename (and variables are not interpreted in that field; I believe this is a bug that was fixed in later versions?).

My question
What could be the reason it works with the first but not the second experiment? I checked all experiment settings and there are no differences (other than the one mentioned above). I am never messing around with filename variables in my code segments

Is no one having similar problems?