Sudden issues with software version and reading from .csv - connected?

Description of the problem:

I am trying to sync “new” experiments to Pavlovia (I say “new” because these are copies of experiments that are already functioning on Pavlovia), and I’ve run into 2 errors that suddenly occur:

1.) .csv files are read differently now compared to a month or so ago. Previously, integer values would be read from columns automatically as integers, but now all values are read in as strings. This throws an error during experimentation of course, and the solution I’ve found is to specify the value type in the psyexp file: $int(COLUMN_FROM_FILE) instead of previously using $COLUMN_FROM_FILE. Not sure if there is any other way around that one, but I haven’t seen this issue discussed on the forum.

2.) There are several versions of psychopy to choose from in the “settings” tab of the .psyexp file, but many are non-functional (2021.1 doesn’t work as a choice sometimes, but other times it actually does work). I’ve now tried to sync new experiments with “latest” as the choice, or choosing the blank option, and both have created the experiment on Pavlovia - but online it says “Software Version UNKNOWN” or “0” and then the experiment does not run. Would it be possible to get a list of working software versions so I know what to choose from the list?

Thanks in advance!

Additionally, sometimes when I choose one software version in the psyexp file (so far tried 2021.1.4 and 2020.2), when it uploads to Pavlovia it defaults to 2021.1. This occurs when I am creating a new project from scratch, with no history of git files or html.

I found out that this error occurs when I try to create a new project from the drop-down menu (from the psyexp file → → New…), but not when I create a new project by clicking on the globe icon (sync with web project (at It then open a window telling me that it can’t find the project and asks me to re/create the project, which then takes me to the window to create a new project. This works perfectly, but I don’t know why this is the case.


Quick reply about (2). Yeah, it’s a known issue; we reported it to the PsychoPy team. See also this post: Pavlovia experiments used to work, now blank screen - #6 by thomas_pronk

And about the “exports to 2021.1”. I couldn’t reproduce your issue:

  • I created a dummy experiment
  • Selected “User PsychoPy version: 2021.1.4”
  • Synced with Pavlovia
  • The version in my JS and on Pavlovia was 2021.1.4