Stuck on the Intializing screen, but only sometimes

URL of experiment: Rhythm_tranistions_2AFC [PsychoPy]
URL of code: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: Sometimes when I try to run my experiment online it gets stuck however, the problem is inconsistent. Sometimes it will get stuck loading the resources, and sometimes it will load all the resources but when I press OK the experiment freezes. So far the only thing that has work is to closing the browser and opening the experiment again in a new browser. If that doesn’t work the first time I just keep doing that until the experiment does run, but usually that will work after the first try. I’ve run my experiment on windows 11 and windows 10 computer and tried both firefox and chrome browsers, but I keep running into this issue. I always run the experiment in a private/incognito browser, and have try clearing the cache either manually or by pressing ctrl+shift+r or ctrl+f5 but that doesn’t ever help. I built the experiment using PsychoPy builder v2022 2.4 and I am running the experiment through pavlovia. When the experiment does run it seems to run with no problem/error message. Anyone have any idea what’s causing this problem and how I can avoid it?