Sound problems in both online and local platforms

URL of experiment: v2_mixed

Description of the experiment setup. I am building an experiment consisting of 3 blocks. The same sounds are played in each of these blocks. Within each block, there are 27 files (1 file/trial) set to repeat once in a randomized order.

Problem. (1) For whatever reason, this program would simply not play any sounds locally. (I have PyschoPy3). (2) When I push the local repository to gitlab, the experiment would operate normally for the first several trials, then the program continues on without any sound. When I get to Block 2, all sounds played, but are preceded/partially overlapping with a loud BEEP noise.; (3) block 3 resumes to normal, all trials are playing.

More context. I should add that a very similar experiment using exactly the same files only with different looping routine played both locally on on the server just a few days ago, when I initially created the program on the builder, PyschoPy2.3 All sound files are in .wav, so file compatibility is not the issue.
After I updated the my PsychoPy to the 2024.01 version, this first experiment no longer played sounds locally, but still did when I upload it to Pavlovia. I then built my second experiment (the one linked at the top)on the builder. Knowing that the sounds didn’t play but at least slides trials transitioned and responded as designed locally, I proceeded to uploading it to Pavlova and the current stage is as described in the problem section.

Request. Can anyone help me figure out what could be going on with this program both locally and its failures on the server and what would be ways to troublesheet these glitches?

Thank you!

Are you using MP3 files? They don’t work locally.

Online, make sure there is some time for the sounds to load. For example, try setting the start time at .5 seconds.

Please add more details about your sound objects and code for more suggestions.

More details are added in the post.