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Problem running experiment via pavlovia

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: I followed all the steps uploading files on to gitlab, but when i try to pilot i dont see anything on screen. The Experiment runs fine on psychopy. The only thing i did not do is to try to run on pavlovia from builder. I first created the experiment on psychopy, then exported html, uploaded everything into a new project in the local dir and pushed everything to gitlab. I am able to see the url but the url doesn’t seem to work.
Any pointers would be very helful.
Thanks in advance.

I press the sync with web project button in PsychoPy. No manual upload required

Hi, I did that and it says all up to date. Seems like it synced fine and the url also looks fine just that when I click on the url it doesn’t show anything. Not sure if my component is not compatible or if there is something with the pyschjs code. I would really appreciate some help!

Please try setting your experiment to public so I can look at it.

The change permissions: “view code”, then “settings -> general -> permissions”

done you shud be able to see. thanks

also just fyi, that even if i try to run it from my local server, I see only a blank screen.

Hi, Sorry to bombard you with e-mails, just wanted to ask if you had a chance to take a look at the code and what might be causing the issue.

I downloaded a copy of your experiment and have got it running using the following steps:

  1. Change participantinitials to participant in your startup screen
  2. Remove the brackets from age(yrs). N.B. This step might not be necessary
  3. Changed use version from 2020 to blank so that it uses the latest version
  4. Changed sound to soundf in your feedback routine
  5. Added soundf=soundfile[1] to Begin Experiment underneath where you declare soundfile. This step might not be necessary.
  6. Copied the feedback sounds and images to the local html/resources folder so that they get uploaded on the next sync.

For testing purposes I would edit the start time for inst2 so you don’t have to wait 50 seconds every time. Personally I would divide the instructions into two routines so that the participant can press space on each one.

I also noticed a misspelling of approximately on page 2 of the instructions.

I suspect that steps 1 and 3 were the key ones.

Best wishes,


Hi Wakefield, thank you so much. I followed all the steps and now it begins fine but i don’t know why i get an error when the practice run starts. This is what i get and my response choice letters are vertically aligned while they are suppose to be horizontal.

Nevermind, i think the problem was a worng number in the wrap section. I think it works fine. Thanks a lot for your help.