Error playing audio stimuli online

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem:

This is a new error that I have not seen yet for my study. This version of the study was working up until 12/01/20. The only changes I made to the experiment was shuffling the excel documents.

I tried changing pavlovia versions and I looked at the study js code on git lab for the function that is generating the error but its not in the experiment code. Doesn’t seem to be an issue loading audio files since all the resource files download just fine before this error is generated.

Any help is appreciated, and if I can clarify anything please let me know.

Hi @SONJA_HUNTER, you are absolutely right, many thanks for flagging and apologies for the mishap. Please consider my answer below, s.

Hi @SONJA_HUNTER I believe a fix is now in place? Please let me know if the problem remains, thanks, s.

The problem is fixed! Thank you for such a fast turn around.