Audio loop not working online

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem:

In the local psychopy version, the experiment correctly loops through 72 short .wav files (start=0, duration is left blank). In the online version, only the first audio plays correctly, and on all subsequent loops there is only silence or a click (possibly the first ~100 ms of the .wav file).

The audio files are in a subfolder “stim”, and are pulled from a .xlsx column with the folder name already in the string (“stim/name.wav”).

I don’t understand why only one audio file would load correctly?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Did you include all the audio files in the Additional Resources?

Hi Chen,

Yes I did! I also tried to move them out of the subfolder and loaded them in again as the Additional Resources, but no change.

I printed the sound file to the console and it is selecting the correct sound, just cutting it off early??

Your experiment is private. Do you mind making it public?

Ah I couldn’t figure out how to change it to public :(((

But update: here is a workaround: If I put inline code in the same routine as the sound object, and on “Begin Routine” set it to a tone and then back to the correct audio, then it works! If I just set it to fname (the filename) it doesn’t work, it has to be set to something else first and then back to fname ¯_(ツ)_/¯


(this doesn’t work in python anymore though)

For online experiments at least, I’ve found that having the start time of the audio recordings not be 0.0 (e.g., give it a delay like 0.5) seems to prevent the issues where sounds after the first one in a loop don’t play correctly.

Hmm that definitely changes the program’s behavior, but now only the first couple loops play, and then the rest cut off after ~100 ms again.