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Error when fetching the experiments on Pavlovia

I just logged in Pavlovia and the following error popped up when trying to access my list of experiments:

Error when fetching the experiments {“origin”:“",“username”:“roberto.petrosino”,“oauthToken”:“aaca384de17143ecc90f7c7932851480360e477fffe77e815f2e11e9a6f4ccd8”,“user”:{“two_factor_enabled”:false,“username”:“roberto.petrosino”,“theme_id”:1,“can_create_project”:true,“bio”:null,“confirmed_at”:“2019-04-17T19:07:54.793Z”,“twitter”:"",“private_profile”:null,“shared_runners_minutes_limit”:null,“linkedin”:"",“color_scheme_id”:1,“last_sign_in_at”:“2019-09-04T13:42:10.957Z”,“web_url”:“”,“last_activity_on”:“2019-09-24”,“external”:false,“skype”:"",“identities”:[],“id”:1546,“public_email”:"",“name”:"Roberto Petrosino”,“can_create_group”:true,“projects_limit”:100000,“current_sign_in_at”:“2019-09-16T10:10:51.822Z”,“created_at”:“2019-04-17T19:07:54.891Z”,“state”:“active”,“avatar_url”:“",“location”:null,“organization”:null,“email”:“”,“website_url”:""},“context”:"when listing the experiments available to the authenticated user”,“error”:“unable to list the designer’s experiments: TypeError: this.userIds is undefined :\n@:1:15\n”,“httpStatusCode”:500}*
If the error persists, contact Pavlovia’s administrator.

Experiments still run as before, so they do not seem to be affected by the error. I just wanted to notify @jon, @apitiot, @dvbridges of the error.

Thanks Rob, we’ll look into it

Thank you for the report! I’ll be able to take care of it shortly.

All sorted!


Sweet! I confirm the issue is solved.

Can I also ask one more thing? Is there a reason why, even after clicking on the ‘Experiments’ tab, I have to click on any of the search options to retrieve the list of my experiments?

That is rather surprising. I am not experiencing that on my end.
Which browser and operating system are you using?

I am using Safari 12.1.2 on macOS 10.12.6. That happens with Chrome and Firefox (updated to the latest versions) as well.