How continue developing Pavlovia exp on a different computer

How do I continue working on an experiment on a different PC? I’ve logged in to Pavlovia and downloaded the code into a local folder. The opened the psychopy scirpt and logged into Pavlovia but when I come to sync it says its a new experiment and wants to upload and create a new copy.
I don’t want this because actually I’m helping someone else so I’m logging in as them to edit their script and want them to be able to resync their copy later.

Is the answer to ‘clone’ rather than to just download the source code, from gitlab? I’ll try it later but I guess that pulls down the .git folder which should then sync OK.

When I’m working on someone else’s code they add me as a developer and unprotect the master branch so I can push to it. I then sync the experiment to my computer and make edits. When they take the experiment back then they just need to sync to get the updated version from me before making their own edits.

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