Resource file cannot be found in repository

URL of experiment: Cave_v000007 [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: There are several troublesome discrepancies between the program as run in PsychoPy and in Pavlovia but the simplest one is that an image file (“purple_bar.png”) goes missing. The error is:

" Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

** when setting the image of ImageStim: image_unsig_TL*
** when getting the value of resource: images/purple_bar.png*
** unknown resource**"*

purple_bar.png is in the images folder in the repository along with all the other stimuli that are used successfully.

The other problems are with image placements and, more importantly, contingencies. I am hoping that identifying the simple problem with purple_bar.png might lead to solving the other problems.

Thank you for this wonderful forum. This is my first attempt at Pavlovia and I have learned a lot from the problems solved for others.

Try adding purple_bar.png as an additional resource under Experiment Settings / Online.

It looks like a fun study. For your other issues I would break them down into:

  1. What currently happens.
  2. What should happen.
  3. What code you have used so far for this aspect.

Some issues may be solved by moving the code components to the tops of the routines, if they aren’t already there.

That worked for the purple_bar file. Thank you.

The other problems persist but I will try putting the code in various positions before getting back to you with the details. The top or bottom of the routine doesn’t seem to help but maybe other positions will.

It sounds like the code position isn’t the issue. Please start a new thread with details of your next problem.

Will do.