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Reserved credits

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I’m well aware that when someone clicks on the link without completing the experiment a credit is reserved and is once again “free” when the tab with the experiment is closed. My problem is that I have 7 reserved credits, and I do not know who has an open tab with my experiment in their browser… Is there any other way of “freeing” these credits?

Thanks in advance.

  • Sigrid

Hi Sigrid, we’re aware this has come up for quite a few people and we’re working on allowing you to release crdits manually (will forcibly kick peple off). @apitiot any news on when that will be made live?

Hello @Sigrid_Nielsen and @jon,

The manual release approach is now available. You will notice a new button, Release selected credits, in the Credit tab of your dashboard. Please note that releasing credits of a running experiment will prevent potential results being saved so don’t press the button too soon!


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