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Reading from a csv file


Has reading from a csv file changed in 2021.1.4?

I get the following error:

all i am doing is feeding an image with the filename i read from the csv file. It is the simplest example i could construct. The way I was doing this from an older working experiment is no longer working. Are there new rules in PY3 or psychopy version 2021.1.4 for reading in csv files?



I feed this to


To get a better idea of what might have gone wrong, it can be handy to look what the browser console say, See this tutorial: Thomas Pronk / tutorial_js_console_log · GitLab

Thanks. Things have definitely changed with how the csv is read (python 3.6 standalone. I was ahead at py 3.7 or 3.8 earlier) .Also, the auto-git checkin when you checkin the entire folder seems to leave out the csv. Now that I figured out what has changed, this isn’t a problem anymore. Closing.

Ok, wait! Not closed.
This csv file seems to work on single columns but has problems with multiple columns. However the multi-column file works allright in a different version of psychopy.

I am also a little surprised that it worries about parsing the csv as part of the git commit instead of just checking in the code and then worrying about a malformed csv during running the experiment online. Clearly, this parsing the csv during commit was not part of the last psychopy pkg i had installed. I am currently at 2020.1.4. Are other people also have problems with csv in 2020.1.4 that uses python 3.6?

I tend to use Excel files which are surprisingly more stable.

I actually figured it out but it was a sequence of steps in the right order that did it!
First checkin the code, then update the csv (if changes are required), then read in the csv from the component.

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