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Changing expInfo is ruining my .csv file ?!?!

Hello everybody,
I am new to PsychoPy and I am almost done creating my first experiment, but I have a big problem.
I need some specific experimentInfo at the beginning (not participant and session) and I changed it in the experiment Settings.
But when I did it my whole .csv file got messed up.
First it was in separate columns how it was supposed to be:

but when I changed the experiment Info in the settings it was only one big column:

How can I avoid this from happening? Or how can I fix my csv file after it happened?

I would be very thankful for answers!!! Thanks a lot in advance!

@sarahr, I think this will just be a case of setting the separator in your csv file reader (Excel?). If you are using Excel, you can import the csv file and set the delimiter as comma, then your file should be parsed correctly.

What are you trying to store exactly? You could try thisExp.addData instead, if you don’t mind the formatting being slightly different.
I’m not as familiar with expInfo, but it looks like that last line of your csv file has a lot of empty cells and it might affect the parsing as @dvbridges said.

thisExp.addData('text label', <number or variable to store>)

Thanks a lot @dvbridges! I got It now!

So there is no other way then changing it manually in excel every time?
I was hoping that there is a way how I can get a csv file that looks like that automatically.

But if that is not possible then at least I know how to change it manually.
Thanks again!
Best wishes