PsychoPy not reading Conditions file in loop

URL of experiment: still in pilot mode.

Description of the problem:

I have an excel file with three variables (3 columns). I use the first column ‘probability’ to update a variable, which PsychoPy uses to choose the correct picture to display. This works perfectly in Builder and running locally.

Pavlovia does not update the variable using the excel file (or csv format). It uses the default variable that I set at the beginning of the experiment.

How can I get Pavlovia to read the excel file? I have added it to resources on the ‘Online’ tab. This has not made a difference.

Many thanks

Hello Dan

You will need to give us more information, such as the code you use to update a variable in PsychoPy and in PsychoJS. When you paste code here in the forum, please enclose it in triple `. This will result in proper code formatting.

Best wishes Jens