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PsychoPy3 immediately closes after splash screen

PsychoPy3 immediately closes after the splash screen (and a few seconds of the coder showing in background). Rebooting and reinstallation haven’t helped.

The userPrefs.cfg and appData.cfg files don’t even exist yet, so I don’t believe those are the problem.

There’s no error message, even when running from the command prompt:

I see the description of the Gamma ramp problem in the trouble-shooting page. I do have a dual-monitor setup. Could this be my problem, and if so, how do I change preferences if I can’t open PsychoPy?

If you don’t need gamma correction then, as of PsychoPy 3.2.4, you can go to the preferences and set the defaultGammaFailPolicy to be be ‘warn’ (rather than ‘abort’) and then your experiment will still at least run, just without gamma correction.

Hi @glutenousmaximus, if you have tried the troubleshooting guide, and deleted your cfg files, then try loading the app in Coder rather than Builder, and if that works, see if you can switch to the Builder interface. Use

python -m -c --no-splash

Thank you. One of our IT people figured it out. Our campus antivirus software - SentinelOne - was treating PsychoPy as malicious. Adding an exclusion for PsychoPy solved the problem.

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