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Psychopy3 images **unknown resource** error

evening all,
I am taking my first steps with the online version (3.0.1) of psychopy, and didn’t get very far. I implemented a very simple SART test as a sequence of images.
The script runs fine on the local machine, when run via the internet, all images load, but then things fall apart.

  • when setting the image of ImageStim: SartPic
  • when getting the value of resource: n4_0.jpg
  • unknown resource

Am I overlooking something very basic??

Please include the link to the online version (either the run url or the gitlab.pavlovia url) so we can investigate with the actual code.


oops, sorry… and thanks for the superfast response!

the code is here

more than happy to email the psychopy file.

I am running this on a windows 10 PC and chrome
Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

thanks very much for your help!


No need. The beauty of sending me the exp URL is that I get everything I need.

OK, so looking at your conditions file it looks like every one of the filenames has a space at the end of it in the cell. Unfortunately that might mean that PsychoJS is trying to find a file literally called "n4_0.jpg " rather than “n4_0.jpg”

Try doing a find ".jpg " replace with “.jpg” and see if that helps

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Thanks for your help - much appreciated!

Changing the names solved the issue. The script now runs for a few trials, but then complains about

  • when setting the autoDraw attribute of stimulus: SartPic
  • the PIXI representation of the stimulus is unavailable

The images were all created in the same way (matlab) so I am not sure why some should work while others don’t.

Hi, I encountered the same problem when I use the online experiment. This problem did not occur in local experiment. The experiment runs for a few trials, but then interrupted with below error:

FATAL unknown | {"origin":"MinimalStim.setAutoDraw","context":"when setting the autoDraw attribute of stimulus: image2_probability","error":"the PIXI representation of the stimulus is unavailable"}