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PsychoPy won't open Windows 10

Quite strange, because my installation was working fine. Now when I start PsychoPy I get the splashscreen, and the program appears to be open, in that there’s an open program in the taskbar, but PsychoPy won’t actually show when I click on this. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled PsychoPy, but no joy. Is this a known issue with Windows 10?

It seems that I have the same problems before, but not very sure.

PsychoPy is already opened, if you can see it from the taskbar (as shown by the screenshot). But it appears somewhere left of your screen, so you can’t see it (I have no idea why).
you can press Alt + space, so that you can move the interface of PsychoPy. Then move the interface to the visible part of your screen.

Yep, that was it. Not quite sure how it ended up like that! Thanks so much.