PsychoPy not opening with Windows 10


We have been using PsychoPy for some student workshops. We’ve had a number of student reported issues with opening PsychoPy when they’re on Windows 10.

We’ve found that both double clicking, right clicking open and run as administrator did not help the issue. Some were able to get by with a fresh install.

I have also been getting them to follow the troubleshooting steps, however the command prompt section hasn’t been producing an error message. For myself it opens PsychoPy, but for the students it does nothing.

I am wondering if there’s an issue with the code to produce an error message in the troubleshooting guide? (The PsychoPy version it tells you to input is incorrect, so we changed that).

Preference cleaning also wasn’t an option because it hadn’t produced any .cfg files.

I understand this isn’t much to go on, but it’s happened to a couple of our students and I am unsure as to why a clean install isn’t fixing the issue.

Hi there!

I am having the same issue since last year. Before that, I had no problem using Psychopy in this same computer. In fact, I had created different experiments and everything was working just fine. This is the specification of my system:

System information 64bits:
|Windows 10 Home|
|Instalado el|‎18/‎03/‎2021|
|Compilación del sistema operativo|19042.870|

I’ve installed the lastest version of Psychopy (Standalone Psychopy 2021.1.2)

I was trying to fix the issue and I tried starting Psychopy using the following line on Command Prompt (terminal):

“C:\Program Files\PsychoPy2\python.exe” -m

And got this message (see pic attached)!


No idea of what this message means. Any ideas of how I could fix this? I really need to keep working on my experiments, so I would really appreciate any (any) help!

Thanks in advance.