New PsychoPy Installation won't open on Windows


I just installed a fresh installation on 2 new Windows 10 machines (Lenovo).

Installation seemed to work fine but when I click on any of the applications, nothing opens, not even an icon on the task bar.
I tried "C:\Program Files\PsychoPy2\python.exe" -m but don’t even get an error message; just the usual “Hello from the pygame community” as if nothings wrong.

I’ve tried to alt + tab to see if it’s open somewhere I can’t see but no luck. Not there in task manager either.

I will try installing an older version but wondering why this won’t work (it’s v2021.2.3 that’s on the download page now).

I know someone else who has just had the same issue. And again, this is happening on 2 identical machines for me (Lenovo ThinkPads).

Appreciate any help!

For anyone that finds this and is curious; We believe this is due to a silent bug with the institutional antivirus program (SentinelOne) preventing some of the python files from working. This hasn’t been resolved yet but will update this thread if we find that’s NOT the cause.

We are having a similar issue – Windows 10, trying to install version2021.2.3, appears to install correctly but when clicking on any of the Psychopy applications from the Start menu, nothing happens. Alex-A14, wondering if uninstalling the new version and installing an older version of Psychopy worked at all for you? Thanks!

No the version didn’t make a difference.

I can confirm now that it was an issue with my university antivirus software blocking the pythonw.exe file from running, and so the IT department had to whitelist the path to that file. This is specific to the SentinelOne antivirus software.

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Thanks for returning and updating, we will look into this with our university IT!