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Psychopy newest version with self-paced reading task

Hi there I recently updated the Psychopy software from 3.0.5 to 3.1.2. Today when I did the experiment with my participants, the coder window shows like this (please see the screenshot). But the experiment seemed to be going well, and the data files looked good in general. Nothing abnormal happened. Does that mean I don’t need to worry about the warning and just ignore it?

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It doesn’t seem like something to worry about but it is preferable to hunt such warnings down, and at least understand why they occur even if they can’t be eliminated.

If you look in the Experiment Settings dialog box (accessible from the Builder toolbar), have you selected anything in the “Use PsychoPy version” popup menu?

If so, try changing it to 3.1.2.

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply. I did as you said, but that window still shows up. Why this happens?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

What it means is that at some point, a setting called OSF Project ID was added by PsychoPy to the Builder file, but the current version of PsychoPy doesn’t know what it means. Usually we only see something like this when an old version of PsychoPy is used to open a Builder file created in a newer version, which is why I asked if you had the current version set to run as if it was an older one. i.e. old versions won’t understand new features or settings.

It is unusual then for you to see this message, because you are using the latest version. But you can ignore it: PsychoPy is just telling you that it sees something in your Builder file that it doesn’t understand, and so is going to ignore it. Unless you are using an Open Science Framework project, you can ignore it too.

Thanks Michael. So basically I can ignore it and do the experiment as usual right?

I also got one more questions. I think my laptop has two versions installed. The oldest one and the latest one. Today when I did the experiment I think i opened the latest one(i.e it shows v3.1.2 in the coder view). Are I using the right one(I.e. the latest one)?


And I think when I did the experiment, I didn’t select anything in the “Use Psychopy version”, would it affect the results I got?

Thanks in anticipation.

The version of PsychoPy might get recorded as a variable in the data file for each session?

But anyway, it is probably a good idea to explicitly set the version number to use. That way, if the PsychoPy application gets updated and you have an experiment ongoing, then you should be able to ensure that new sessions get run consistently with old ones.

Thanks Michael. I checked the 7 data files I collected. Yes there is one column saying version 3.1.2, even though I did not select anything in the “Use Psychopy Version”. But for subsequent experiments, I will select 3.1.2 in the options. Is that good?



Thanks Michael

So basically so long as the experiment is running well and the data files look good. I should not be worrying about the warning in the coder view right?

Yes, you can ignore that warning (it is just for information, not an actual error). As long as you are happy that the test data has beencollected properly, go for it. Good luck with your study.

Thanks Michael! Yes so far the data files look good. They gave me RTs for each word of the sentence(although in the unit of second not milesecond). But I can convert them later when analyzing the data. It also told me the keys participants pressed “left” or “right” bar, as well as their accuracy “0” or “1”.

Yes we hope it’s going well. I will keep you updated. Thanks for your help again!!!

Hy Shawna,

I think your problem simply comes from running two versions of psychopy on the same system.

Hi Yogi Thank you very much for your reply. I almost finished collecting data. Every time when I finish collecting data from each participant, I’d check the data file to make sure it’s from version 3.1.2. I think it’s working well so far! Thanks !

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I do have the same issue. It really does not matter, because - like you said - data files are there. The rest is just a version depending error message, Nothing more…