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PsychoPy Installation Problem


I am trying to install PsychoPy version 1.90.3 with PsychoPy2_3 version on my different MacBook Pro MacOS 10.11.6.

I used Anaconda to download Psychopy so within Python, I can import PsychoPy fine.

However, since I also want the GUI, I want to use the regular standalone installation, but whenever I install it, the PsychoPy loading page screen shows up, but never gets processed. When I hover mouse over it, the ‘wait’ cursor shows up forever, without doing anything.

I checked the troubleshooting page to check for appData.cfg file and userPrefs.cfg file in my PsychoPy file, but nothing is in my current ~/.psychopy2/ directory. I was wondering how I could get around this problem! Thank you.

----Solved by using different standalone version. What is the difference between PsychoPy_2_3 and PsychoPy_2?

PsychoPy_2_3 uses Python 3.6 as its underlying python version. Regular PsychoPy2 uses Python 2.7.