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PsychoPy conflict

I’m using W10, and have PsychoPy3 installed. This seems to have come along with Python 3.6.6. However, my machine has Python 3.6.5 on it, as I’ve been using Python before I installed PsychoPy.

I was using Python itself in cmd, and I notice that it starts Python 3.6.6. However, I need to import modules and use Python regardless of PsychoPy, but I’m unable to type python into cmd and start my own installation of it. How do I stop cmd automatically starting PsychoPy’s latest 3.6.6. version of Python when I type python into cmd?

How did you install PsychoPy? If you install the standalone, application version of PsychoPy, it provides its own, completely separate version of Python, which, as the “standalone” name implies, has no interaction with any other version of Python you might have installed on your system.

If you have installed PsychoPy as a set of modules into your Python installation, then that doesn’t in itself change your version of Python. PsychoPy can’t do that: it would have to be something you did.

Hi Michael

I downloaded the standalone, and I believe it came with Python 3.6.6. After posting, I tried removing C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy3 and C:\Program Files (x86)\PsychoPy3\DLLs from my system variables, and this seems to have done the job. Any PsychoPy also seems to still run at least from builder.