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PsychoPy experiment ceases to function once in zipped folder

When I run my experiment after zipping it, the instructions screen for my experiment comes up but then I get the following error message:

 raise ImportError(msg %os.path.abspath(filename))

ImportError: Conditions file not found…

So it seems to be something to do with the absolute path of the file name but being rather challenged when it comes to IT, I’m not sure exactly how to resolve the issue?

Problem sorted.

(Not sure how to delete posts on this forum, if it’s possible? to free up some forum space?)

For future reference: the solution is to extract all files before running. When you run a file in an archive, Windows usually extracts that file in isolation and not the other files. It cannot see them. In this case it cannot find the conditions file (hence the ImportError). In other cases it could be images, videos, etc.