Can't run experiments after update

Hi there,

We ran into an issue on the latest version of Psychopy- our experiments that were running in the previous version no longer run with the addition of the Experiment Runner (v 2020.1.1). It looks like our main issue is a ‘File Not Found Error’ when the script tries to find csv files external to the experiment. Again, this was not an issue in the last version so if anyone has some tips on getting this running or something we can change in our scripts to make this compatible, we would much appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Caleb Haynes

The issue is this: Working directory change with 2020.1 and later?
I just submitted a fix:

Assuming the fix works, the next update should solve the problem. In the interim, as a temporary fix, you can add this code to the top of your script:

import os
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Nice, thank you so much. Thanks for submitting a pull request too, hopefully that patch will come through soon.